Cabo San Lucas: Fun and adventure under the sun

Discover one of the best cruise destinations in the world. Taking a Cabo San Lucas cruise, it’s like all your dreams coming true, at once. Read here, what a wonderful day awaits ahead when you arrive on a cruise ship to Cabo’s Marina. Find out about a world of fun and adventure, from dusk till dawn, all in Cabo San Lucas! Also, learn here about the wonderful cruise-line options you can book for the fantastic Cabo San Lucas adventure that awaits for you.

Start your day in Cabo San Lucas

Start your day in Solomons Landing! This place is where the locals get together and the visitors just keep coming back. Start off with a delicious breakfast overlooking the sun rising over the Sea of Cortez. Furthermore, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from a menu full of breakfast delights. The best part of the menu is: all the dishes are cheap and tasty. So if you enjoy omelets, waffles, or traditional Mexican breakfast plates, you’ll have it all here. We can assure you if you start your day in Solomons Landing, you’re in for the start of a wonderful day in Cabo.

Los Cabos daytime activities

This city once started as a laid-back fishing village. The great location of the community and the unique surroundings evolved to be a now world-visitors destination. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo in the southernmost tip of Baja are an iconic place of fun and relaxation. When you visit, you’ll find everything you need for a wonderful vacation, all year round.
After arriving from your Cabo cruise ship, you can spend the day exploring and having fun in this marvelous city. Keep reading and uncover even more activities to do in Cabo.

Fishing in Los Cabos

Are you interested in Cabo San Lucas fishing? Are you an amateur angler? We’ve got good news for you, you can try several types of fishing in Cabo. You don’t have to be a pro when it comes to fishing, you can catch big fish near the coast, easily. In fact, you don’t even need to know a single thing about fishing to be successful in Cabo, that’s how easy it is!

The Arch of Cabo

It is widely known that the iconic attraction in Cabo is the Arch in Land’s End. There is where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Getting there is an incredible ride that’ll make you discover beautiful rock formations. Don’t miss out on that opportunity and visit the Arch in Land’s End.

Snorkeling in Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is also very famous for snorkeling and diving. It’s true that there are many popular coastal areas in Cabo visited just for swimming or surfing. But there are a couple of sweet spots where you can try incredible snorkeling or diving. One of the examples of a place where you can explore underwater is Cabo Pulmo. Cabo Pulmo is an amazing, huge and very old reef, filled with living creatures and colorful plants. You’ll discover there just how great snorkeling in Cabo really is.

Nightlife in Los Cabos

There are many things to do every night in Cabo. For example, one of the most famous places in all of Cabo San Lucas is Cabo Wabo Cantina.
Established by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen, back in 1990, Cabo Wabo Cantina is located on the south-east end of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And, he created this famous cantina and restaurant to provide a place to “embrace all that makes you happy.” Don’t miss out on this fun spot! Discover there some of the best food, drinks, and entertainment Cabo San Lucas has to offer.

Los Cabos real estate

Many Americans and Canadians choose to make Los Cabos, Mexico, their home or vacation home.  Therefore, discover how to purchase your dream home in Los Cabos, Mexico by inquiring with Brent Fong with Cabo Beach Life.  Click <HERE> to inquire.

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