Cabo history

Learn and travel in Cabo: didactic activities for the whole family

It’s common that when you’re traveling with children, you’ll usually go after activities that’ll keep them entertained. Read on and we’ll tell you about things to do in Cabo that the whole family can enjoy together. Better yet, these activities are not only fun but also educational. What’s better than an entertaining trip full of enriching knowledge for the little ones? Well, in the Cabo region...

Have a stroll through history: The best museums in Cabo

Visiting museums has always been an excellent way to spend time with the family while learning at the same time. An experience like that creates beautiful memories from a cultural adventure. The good thing is that you can find all types of museums anywhere and the Cabo region is no exception! We can assure you there’s no better place to create memories than in the museums Cabo has to offer. Getting to...

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