Ecoturism in Cabo: Discover the wonders of nature in Cabo

If you have a passion for ecotourism and you’re always curious to discover the wonders of nature, then Cabo is the right place for you. The Cabo region in the southernmost part of the Baja peninsula offers an incredible playground for nature-driven visitors. The surroundings and landscape of the area offer fantastic green zones for you to discover. Cabo San Lucas is already known for being one of the main traveler’s destinations in Mexico. That means you can expect there the best of services along with warm hospitality from every local. But that’s not it, in the last few years ecotourism in Los Cabos has been growing exponentially for the fact that there’s much more to see beyond the city limits. If you’re interested in trying ecotourism in Cabo, just keep reading this post.

Just for starters on the endless options for ecotourism in Cabo, we can mention the world-renowned Sea of Cortez. This sea is a natural wonder with a wide variety of endemic flora and fauna. Examples of what you’ll get to see while exploring these waters are:  Sea turtles and whales, rays, dolphins, sea lions and many more friendly animals. These last-mentioned examples only demonstrate the incredible biodiversity of the region. Definitely Cabo offers an incredible array of eco-fun and adventure. Read on and discover here some excellent Cabo eco-friendly adventure options for you and your family. See the natural beauty of Cabo first hand!

Sea of Cortez: The most biologically diverse body of water on Earth

Being once called “The World’s Aquarium” by the distinguished explorer Jacque Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez was named that way due to its high biodiversity. The Sea of ​​Cortez is a body of water containing an enormous part of the biological diversity of Earth. To put it in simple words, this place is home to more than 900 species of fish and 2,000 marine vertebrates. Also, it has multiple endemic species, which means that they are creatures or plants that only exist in this ecosystem and nowhere else on Earth!

Whale watching

If you’re already on, in, or near the Sea of Cortez, you wouldn’t like to miss the fantastic opportunity to see some of the biggest creatures on the earth in their natural habitat. See the whales swim by and make the most out of your whale watching experience in Cabo. The perfect time to schedule a whale watching tour in Cabo is during winter or early spring. That is the season where the whales start swimming south from the cold Arctic waters. The Sea of ​​Cortez has always been a privileged place as a birthplace for humpback whales.

Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve

The eco-tour of the Vizcaino Cabo Biosphere Reserve is another adventure you can’t miss. The main attraction this reserve has is the unique diversity of beautiful desert flora and fauna. Within the Vizcaino reserve area, you can find a lot of vegetation.  That feature allows a nest of ecological biodiversity in the reserve rare to find anywhere else.
This reserve is a protected ecosystem located north of Cabo San Lucas and it’s next to the municipality of Mulege, in Baja California Sur. It has more than two million acres of extension, which makes it one of the largest reserves in the world. It became a Biosphere Reserve in 1988, and since 1993, the Vizcaino Whale Sanctuary (next to the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve) became part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

With so much variety going from extremely arid lands to swamps and wetlands, this place has a significant ecological value. This is a hidden gem for all ecotourism wonderers, live your share of eco-fun in Cabo!

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