The best resorts in Cabo: world-class resorts for you

As you’re embraced by Los Cabos you’ll find a magical place that offers tranquility, elegance, beauty, and excitement. Located on the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula, this is a Mexican paradise worth visiting. You’ll truly find something special for everyone coming along in your journey. In this post we’ll learn more about what Cabo has to offer and, since you’ll need a place to stay, we’ll also tell you about the best resorts in Cabo. There are plenty of resort choices for you and each with its own identity to fulfill your needs.

About Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos first became a world-class tourist destination because of the amazing resorts, and fishing. Cabo San Lucas is host to internationally-renowned tournaments of Black and Blue Marlin fishing. The tournaments started bringing in many travelers that now are fulfilled by other interesting activities. For example, Los Cabos is now one of Mexico’s premier golfing destination as well. With a growing golfing community this place now is a Mecca for golfers from around the world.
Los Cabos San Lucas is part of the Cabo region which is made up of Los Cabos to the south and San Jose del Cabo to the north. In between these two contrasting tourist destinations, you’ll find a 20-mile strip known as the Golden corridor, The corridor faces the beautiful Sea of Cortez all the way. For that reason, the place between Los Cabos and San Jose del Cabo is the location for many of the world-class Los Cabos resorts.

Great resorts in Cabo

Whether you’re looking to golf, fish or just relax in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll definitely find the perfect place for you to stay. Here we’ll list five of the best resorts in Cabo that offer something unique and special according to your needs. In some resorts, for example, you’ll spend a great time without the need of leaving the complex. In some others, you’ll have the opportunity to dine, shop, or have a drink. Either you enjoy the fiesta life or you want to have some privacy to relax, in Cabo you’ll find the perfect place for you. Read on and discover more of the great resorts Cabo.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso

In Las Ventanas, you’ll find 84 villas and suites. The design and commodities on each speak of top-quality craftsmanship. For example, each villa boasts marble showers and Conchuela limestone floors. You’ll also find that each one is decorated with a traditional Mexican motif. The condos contain exquisite artwork inside that reflects the vibrant personality of Cabo.
Do you like astronomy? How about getting a personal telescope to explore the beautiful night-sky from your terrace. Are you looking to have your own private infinity pool with the best views of the Sea of Cortez? It’s a done deal, each Los Cabos villa boasts those views and much more.

The Four Seasons in Costa Palmas

This prestigious resort is located on a two-mile expanse of pristine white-sand beach along the Sea of Cortez. And, this is the first-ever Four Seasons marina resort. This resort in Costa Palmas exhibits contemporary design at its best. The once-grand untouched thousand-acre parcel it used to be on the southern Baja Peninsula, became a world-class getaway for visitors around the world.

Cabo Del Sol

Stretching two miles within the Golden Corridor, Cabo del Sol is famous for being one of the premier golf communities in all of North America. Furthermore, this outstanding golf community is home to two championship courses: Ocean Course and Desert Course. The special bonus and attribute these golf courses offer are the best oceanfront views. Get a glimpse of the beauty of the Sea of Cortez while you play. This is one of the best golf-course real estate properties in the world.

Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas

Overlooking the Pacific beach, Grand Solmar brings the resort experience to a whole new level. Find in this place endless sea views to admire day and night. Also, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy fantastic dining. Taste the local flavors of cuisine that crafts from fresh, local ingredients. Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas also has a unique spa where incredible treatments will refreshen your senses. Last but not least, enjoy extraordinary water activities in the lagoon or lazy river this place has. Even better yet, you can also swim or take a stroll to the beach Grand Solmar faces.
These and many more reasons are the ones that make Grand Solmar one of the best resorts in Cabo.

Los Cabos real estate

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