Learn and travel in Cabo: didactic activities for the whole family

It’s common that when you’re traveling with children, you’ll usually go after activities that’ll keep them entertained. Read on and we’ll tell you about things to do in Cabo that the whole family can enjoy together. Better yet, these activities are not only fun but also educational. What’s better than an entertaining trip full of enriching knowledge for the little ones? Well, in the Cabo region on the southernmost part of the Baja peninsula, you’ll find plenty of recreational and didactic activities to do! that’s more than possible.

If you’re visiting the beautiful Cabo region with your family you’ll realize than there’s more to it than just numerous beaches and restaurants. In this post, we’ll list some of the cultural places of interest that you can visit when you travel to Cabo!

Didactic activities for the whole family

Here are the most exciting things you can do to learn something different from a place as unique as Cabo San Lucas. If you’re visiting with your whole family, there are many exciting things for all to see and do. These activities go from visiting museums and galleries to trying intriguing water activities. We assure you that Cabo has it all, no matter your preferences. Learn more here about these educational activities for the whole family.

Museums in Cabo

If your preferences go more for a historical experience approach, museums are your best option. Visiting a museum is one of the wisest and safest options to find knowledge in a fun way. You can walk around at your own pace, and learn a lot in just one visit. There are lots of museums in Cabo and also a great number of artifacts and exhibits you can enjoy. Check out the different museums you can visit in Cabo San Lucas, and choose what fits you best. Here are some of the options you can find:

The Natural History Museum of Los Cabos

The Natural History Museum contains several paleontological and geological collections. Also, it houses different specimens of birds, reptiles, and sea creatures. It’s a fun history crash-course you can take in the length of seven rooms. This place is also full of instruments used to do research on the geological examples found on Cabo San Lucas.

The Californias Museum

The Californias Museum is a small museum that houses fascinating historical artifacts. These relics date back to the explorer Hernán Cortés. We’re talking the year 1500!

The Pasado Marina museum

The Pasado Marina is a beautiful museum that exhibits the history of fishing in the Cabo area since it started. This place shows various instruments and representations of endemic fish, as well as iconic historical photos. This museum’s nothing more than a beautiful tribute to the ocean.

Nature sightseeing

Although it’s an iconic place to visit in Los Cabos, the Arch in Land’s end is not the only natural wonder you can see around. There are many other places to enjoy some educational experiences in nature. The biodiversity in this region is an excellent example to learn about endemic ecosystems. For example, the Sea of Cortez is currently considered the world’s aquarium, for its diversity. The best thing is that all this marine wildlife awaits for you to discover! You can try from whale watching tours to snorkeling or diving tours. The options are endless. Besides, this allows you to see a whole world of underwater species that you don’t usually see.

Furthermore, there are options for those looking to immerse themselves in the Cabo folklore and culture. For example, there is the possibility of taking a walking tour through the Natural Reserve of Desert Park. The super fun tour guides offering these trips love to tell local stories to visitors. And, in this same park, you’ll find unique native cacti, some up to 400 years old!
There are also options for the boldest visitors with ATV or camel rides. Options for fun in Cabo are endless! The choice is yours to take.

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