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Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are home to some of the world-famous sportfishing tournaments.  Located at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula, you’ll find a great place for all-year-round fishing.  There’ll be multiple renowned fishing tournaments to choose from, year after year in the Cabo region. The three championships that stand out from all the others are all organized by Bisbee’s.  If you love fishing, either for fun or professionally, read this post and discover more about the fishing competitions in Cabo!

Fishing competitions in Cabo

From October to December, enjoy the perfect time for sport-fishing in Cabo San Lucas. The weather cools off with temps ranging in the high 80’s to low 90’s with perfect humidity and optimal water temps for big fish.  These exceptional features of Los Cabos’ gorgeous weather and its abundant marine life, make it the perfect destination for adventure seekers and beach lovers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to live this adventure in one of the greatest fishing spots in the world!

The Bisbee’s tournaments

Started in 1981 by Bob Bisbee, the Black & Blue Marlin Tournament has grown from six teams with a purse of $10,000 to more than 150 teams with millions of dollars on the line!  In 2000 Bisbee’s expanded to the east side of the Baja peninsula with the “East Cape Offshore Tournament” in the Buenavista. In addition to marlin, in this tournament goes included the dorado and tuna fish.  And over the years, it became so popular that a third event with the same format was started in 2002: The Los Cabos Offshore Tournament. 

Ever since 1981, each tournament has developed its own personality.  For example, the East Cape Offshore has the fame of being a laid back “Cabo fishing as it used to be” type of event.  On the other hand, the fishing tournament which takes place just days before the Black & Blue and nicknamed the “Little Bisbee’s”, is a very social event full of activities to make friends and talk.

Tournament dates

It’s from July to October that Bisbee’s hosts the three Los Cabos fishing tournaments that are deeply different from one another.  In July, the first of these tournaments begin, East Cape Offshore is the first of two warm-up competitions before the great Los Cabos fishing tournament at the end of October.  This is the moment when the second tournament of the same category, Los Cabos Offshore, starts. And, Los Cabos Offshore is the last competition before the big-money game: Bisbee’s Black and Blue.

East Cape Offshore Tournament

Held in July, this fishing tournament in Los Cabos is the beginning of the season for many fishers.  In 2012, there were 61 teams and 350 fishermen competing. And, the top fish was a 262 lb yellowfin tuna, which set a new tournament record!

Los Cabos Offshore Tournament

The first Bisbee’s fishing tournament in Los Cabos soon became very popular in Los Cabos.  Thanks to that, Bisbee was commissioned to create a second tournament in 2002, called Los Cabos Offshore.  Sometime later, the Cabos Offshore event earned the nickname of “Little Bisbee” as it was more of a social event than a tournament.

But don’t take it wrong!  In 2013, Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore attracted 80 teams and 466 fishers, with a total of almost $ 500,000 USD in prizes.  The crew aboard ”Chupacabra” won top honors for their 583 lbs. blue needle and received a check for $ 206,973 USD. The second-place winner was ”Sneak Attack”, for catching a 565-pound blue marlin.  Their prize was an amazing $189,837 USD, excellent for a second-place prize for sure!

Black and Blue Tournament

At the end of October, the last of the fishing tournaments begin; this the most important of all.  With the advantage that is the competition that offers a greater reward than any other match. This attracts some of the best boats with some of the most important world-renowned names in fishing.  Most of these fishermen have bottomless wallets and generally sign up for all tournament options, paying up to $ 60,000 in entrance fees.

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