Todos Santos: A Mexican Paradise in Cabo

Just one hour north from Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find Todos Santos in the Cabo region. This small town offers a superb contrast to the fiesta life of Cabo San Lucas. Todos Santos is the perfect retreat for those who want to slow down from the usual hustle and bustle of normal life. Find in Todos Santos the ultimate haven for those craving a connection with nature in the outdoor. Therefore, enjoy this town like no other place, taking a siesta, and enjoying the natural beauty of such a rustic place. Keep reading and discover more about this incredible town in the Cabo area.

A brief history of Todos Santos

It was in the early 1980s when a wave of tourism started coming in after the Mexican government paved Mexico Highway 19 from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas. This highway passes right through Todos Santos, so from then, it made it easier to get to this laid-back hideaway.
Furthermore, many fine artists, artisans, and craftsmen also moved to Todos Santos. And, for that reason, this community became famous for its art and cultural display.

Things to do in Todos Santos

The southern Baja peninsula hosts several unique eco-systems to explore. For example in December, you can see the whales migrate down the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez. You can also explore miles of unspoiled beaches, go exotic bird watching, take a fun hike, kayak, surf, snorkel, scuba-dive, or go fishing. In Todos Santos the sky’s the limit!

Visit the Cerritos Beach Club

Playa Los Cerritos is one of the most peaceful beaches in Todos Santos. There you’ll embrace the Baja California surfer vibe. You’ll be able to walk freely on the soft shore, watch the sunset, and have a drink while taking the sun. This beach is ideal for family gatherings, barbecues, and hanging out with friends.

Release sea turtles

Volunteering to release sea turtles in Todos Santos is a one-of-a-kind eco-adventure. Take part of marine-life research in Mexico working with volunteers who are highly trained in data recollection. What these organizations do is collect data on turtle nesting, nest relocation, incubation, nest excavation, and hatchling releases. This could be a superb activity to try with friends or family!

Art Festival

With over a decade of tradition, this art festival lasts an entire week. Participants include renowned personalities from the local and international cultural field. This is a week-long celebration of Mexican culture that typically features live music, dance and theater performances. Also, you’ll see painting and drawing exhibitions, lectures of local literature and social issues. Artisans from different parts of Mexico also set up shop next to the main church of Todos Santos to sell their crafts. As the program includes high-quality dance and theater performances, musical concerts and other artistic events expect a diverse, fun and engaging festival.

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