Baja Cantina: The best restaurant-bar experience in Cabo!

Are you looking for an excellent place to have breakfast?  Baja Cantina is our best recommendation. It has beautiful views of the famous Cabo’s Marina so that you can enjoy them with your morning coffee.  Also, it has an exceptional breakfast menu that, along with a pleasant atmosphere, gives you a unique eat-and-see experience no other place in Cabo will provide you.  Now you know, if you’re planning on going to Cabo, give it a shot to be by the dockside. There where the calm waters reflect the early dawn, and the seagulls roam with their whistling chants is where you’ll find Baja Cantina, the best restaurant-bar experience in Cabo.

And of course, there’s more, since no matter how delicious the breakfasts are, nothing compares to their mid-day lunch, which is excellent after a fun morning shopping and exploring downtown Cabo San Lucas.  It’s quite the experience to be able to see the ships leaving and arriving at the Marina. The constant activity in that place is absolutely fascinating. But wait, your day doesn’t end there! Finish the afternoon with a delicious rib steak dinner while watching the spectacular sunset, only Cabo can offer daily.  If you decide to live this dinner experience, you’ll also get the vibe of the famous nightlife of Cabo San Lucas.

25 years of Baja Cantina

Currently, in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Cantina has become an iconic place serving guests since the ’90s.  Basically, Baja Cantina is a historical landmark of Cabo San Lucas. It started and grew along with the city becoming part of the local culture.  This fame has open the doors to many opportunities like being home to the world-famous Bisbee’s Black & Blue, the world’s largest fishing competition in Mexico.

Get your fresh catch served on a plate

There is nothing better than having your own catch of the day cooked and served for you.  Therefore, after an incredible day fishing in Cabo, you can also have your best score prepared in Baja Cantina.  That’s correct, you’ll have any fish you bring served back to you as a deliciously seasoned fish dinner with all your desires on how to prepare it.  So, now you know when it comes to fishing, you just need to fish, and they’ll take care of the rest. This opportunity is an excellent reward that you can only get after fishing in the beautiful Sea of ​​Cortez. 

Mixology at Baja Cantina

Mix, shake and blend fresh ingredients with local made bitters and mixers in this craft cocktail mixology experience.  Combined with some music and chitchat, elevate your cocktail skills to the next level. Enjoy a refined art of mixed drinks from the expert mixologists in Baja Cantina. Cabo’s specialties include the tempting Pomonaneda, a mixed stimulant drink made primarily with tequila, lemon juice, and grapefruit soda.  Learn how to prepare this an many other drinks in Baja Cantina, the best restaurant-bar in Cabo.

Baja Cantina’s younger sister: Maria Corona

Don’t forget to visit Maria Corona while you’re in Cabo, considered as the younger sister of Baja Cantina.  This is a restaurant located in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. Try the rich culinary tradition of Mexico in a romantic atmosphere.  Also, enjoy a warm service while dining inside or outside in a beautiful courtyard if you prefer. Head to Marina Corona to enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine prepared with authentic old-school cooking methods.

The most beloved dish at Maria Corona is the Poblano Chicken Mole that everyone talks about when they eat there. They also offer a delicious serving of pork carnitas, light and fresh ceviche, shrimp tacos, tortilla soup, grilled shrimp, and carne asada.  Just like in Baja Cantina, options are endless and the fun and drinks too!

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