Café des Artistes: the ultimate gastronomic experience in Cabo

If you are looking for an exclusive restaurant to enjoy excellent food, then Café des Artistes in Los Cabos is the ideal place for you.  Experience there, the taste of blending the most selected Mexican flavors with French gourmet techniques.  The eccentric gastronomic combination of both cultures has made Cafè des Artistes a unique place you must visit.  An adventurous journey of flavors happening in this restaurant will honor the convergence and fusion of local ingredients and the art of international cuisine.  This recipe of culture duality in their cuisine has achieved satisfying even the most demanding palates.  Added to all that, the restaurant also has a carefully selected winery that includes the best wines from Baja California.  Don’t miss out, come and sit at the chef’s private table in the Café des Artistes experience.

Café des Artistes innovative cuisine

Located right inside the exclusive JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa, Café des Artistes has been serving tasty cuisine in Los Cabos since 2015.  This culinary paradise offers more than delicious food.  It’s also known for its outstanding service and cuisine prepared with the highest quality standards.  Once you are inside the restaurant, you’ll be captivated by the creative delight that looks, smells and tastes bring to your senses.

Thierry Blouet is the chef and founder of Café des Artistes Los Cabos.  Since opening the restaurant, he’s been pouring his creative spirit, unique style and passion for every dish served.  He has previous experience with his original restaurant first opened in Puerto Vallarta in 1991.  Therefore, its fantastic location in Los Cabos reaps the benefits of that experience.  And since his culinary expertise is put to the test on every dish, his restaurant in Los Cabos has quickly become a culinary icon.

In the words of the creator

“The menu in Los Cabos is a fusion of the best dishes from 25 years of Café des Artistes.  The restaurant has an established heritage and impressive tradition.  We chose the flavors that our customers have liked the most over the years.  We revitalize them with different local ingredients and the latest trends in cuisine.  It’s all dedicated to what we love doing most of all: cooking.  We showcase French techniques with mostly Mexican flavors and products.” – Chef Thierry Blouet

Nowadays, Chef Thierry Blouet is also an excellent teacher. To be more specific, his line manager, Florencio Reyes, recently competed in the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs culinary competition.  This contests happens in Taiwan and Reyes represented Mexico in 2018.  He won first place in the company of his Masterchef Thierry Blouet.

Café des Artistes Los Cabos

The unique style of a Masterchef
Thierry has a minimalistic method easy to understand but challenging to master. He creates French cuisine inspired by delicious flavors of Mexico, creating new flavors on unknown levels. Using also the freshest and highest quality ingredients for each dish, every meal is an experience on its own.

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