Have a stroll through history: The best museums in Cabo

Visiting museums has always been an excellent way to spend time with the family while learning at the same time. An experience like that creates beautiful memories from a cultural adventure. The good thing is that you can find all types of museums anywhere and the Cabo region is no exception! We can assure you there’s no better place to create memories than in the museums Cabo has to offer. Getting to see the beauty of the Baja peninsula on its own becomes an unforgettable journey. Imagine now if you sum up the beauty of nature to a learning adventure from the biodiversity and history Cabo has. We invite you to keep reading to discover some of the best museums in Cabo you can visit when you’re in this fantastic region in Mexico!

The best museums in Cabo

Discover on each of these museums that we’re listing next, an enticing part of history and environment of beautiful Cabo. The colorful culture that has developed in these lands its indeed something to admire. The advantage is that you’ll be able to learn and share the history and culture of Los Cabos with your family in the magnificent museums of Cabo listed here! In this list, we’ll show you some of the most interesting museums that you can find within this amazing region. Read on and discover the perfect choice for you to visit when you’re in Cabo.

Natural History Museum

We’ll start this list with a museum located in the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur. This museum is widely recognized for its excellent geology, paleontology, paleoanthropology, and paleobiology collections.

Fun fact: The museums building used to be the home for United Nations representatives in Cabo! But really, one of the main sights this place offers is the historical paleontological findings of the area. These findings are examples of endemic species of birds, aquatic mammals, and reptiles. This is a vast museum with several showrooms. Each room has its own representative theme like Baja’s endemic flora or the local history booth. Also, within this museum, you can take a close look at historical artifacts used by the first local fishermen.

The Natural History Museum definitely is one of the best museums in Cabo where you can learn more about the history of Baja California.

Cabo San Lucas museum

This museum opened its doors for the first time in 2006. This place is located in the heart of Cabo, right in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Here you’ll mainly find biological and historical exhibitions. Cabo San Lucas museum is divided into five rooms, and the most famous one is where they show the remains of a pericu woman. The pericu were an indigenous tribe that inhabited the southern region of Baja California hundreds of years ago. The pericu woman remains are still intact, so it’s really interesting to see with your own eyes!

There’s also a biodiversity room that shows a full-scale seabed with endemic flora and fauna. But that’s not all, other rooms in this museum show interesting subjects such as astronomy, geology, and paleontology. The Cabo San Lucas museum is a complete journey back in the history of this amazing city. There, you’ll definitely learn more about Cabo and you’ll see the colorful culture from the area with different eyes.

Museo del Pasado Marino

This museum’s name says it all: this is a fishing museum full of history. Many of its exhibits are related to the fishing industry within the Cabo region. There you’ll be able to witness fantastic sea creatures. Some examples of the marine wildlife displayed there are large tunas, sharks and marlins. There are plenty of species to observe around. They’re all preserved for people to see and enjoy, specially the little ones in your family! So now you know of another hidden gem in Cabo San Lucas: the Museo del Pasado Marino.

The Whale Museum

The main attraction of this place is a whale fossil, which is 12 meters long! Also, another interesting feature is the building that stands out from the rest as it has a modern architecture design. This exceptional museum has a large area that will allow the little ones to have fun. Inside the Whale Museum, you’ll find several images and infographics related to whales. This museum becomes the perfect spot to learn the history associated with the migration of the whales in Cabo.

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