Ziplines in Cabo: adrenaline and fun, all in one!

It’s true that in Los Cabos the main attractions are fun and adventure in the sun and sea. But here we’ll show you another incredible option we dare you to try: Ziplines. This is one of those activities that’ll guarantee you a rush of adrenaline! Of course, among the thrill-seeker’s favorite activities, you can find skydiving or ATV rising as well. The truth is that the beautiful desert of the Baja peninsula and the Sea of Cortez offer a perfect landscape for adventure. But if you’re looking for something new, exciting and safe but adventurous at the same time Ziplines in Cabo should be in your mind! Feel all the excitement that a unique activity like this can provide. Accompanied by views towards the desert blending with the sea you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Although many people visit Los Cabos to relax, many more are looking for adventurous experiences too. If you are looking for a bit (or a lot) of excitement, then your best option is to try an outdoor zipline adventure. There are many options and scenarios to try. Here we’ll list recommendations to make the best out of your next zipline adventure in Cabo.

Make the best out of your Zipline experience

Just for starters, there are many Zipline adventure packages to fit your needs. Choose wisely. In some cases, a driver will pick you up directly from where you are staying. In other cases you get pictures and videos included in the package, it’s all up to you and your budget! One of the advantages when it comes to an adventure like this is that when you choose the zipline route you prefer, many amenities are included with it. Meaning that snacks, specialized equipment, an introductory training come in the package.

Find the best deals that fit your budget and the best options that match your wish for excitement. Ziplines in Cabo sure are an authentic and comfortable experience full of adrenaline!

The beauty behind the adrenaline of the experience

Most of the zip lines available in Cabo start from the mountain skirts on the outsides of the city. Find a whole network of ziplines that gives you the best landscape views mixed with the adrenaline you are looking for. Different speeds and distances are part of your choices, so there’s a great number of routes you can take. With so many options it can only mean that you have the decision to try what suits you best. There are extreme ziplines for the bold that run as fast as 60 miles per hour for more than 4,000 feet away! But, there are also small ziplines for children running just for about 500 feet at 10 miles per hour. Furthermore, another advantage that these tours provide is the opportunity to observe the lush landscape of a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve.

Some extra information about the Ziplines in Cabo

It’s essential to be aware that the minimum age to try zip lines adventures is eight years. Also, there’s a maximum weight limit of 256 pounds per person on any zipline. Furthermore, you can feel safe with the things you carry as there are security cameras in the common areas before entering the ziplines. Don’t forget that it’s recommended to wear light and comfortable clothes. Shorts and tennis shoes, for example, are essential for your safety and comfort. Lastly, add some sunscreen to this mix of comfortable clothing and you’re good to go. You’ll be taking a lot of sun as you’ll be in the desert. Pro tip: Don’t forget your camera and maybe some cash to buy souvenirs from this fantastic experience!

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