East Cape: the perfect place for those who crave privacy and solitude

East Cape is the perfect destination for those seeking a rustic beachfront destination. With pristine white-sand beaches and world-class fishing conditions, this Cape is a sweet spot in nature to visit. The way to get to this hideaway is through an unpaved road which you’ll find is one of the most scenic drives in all of Cabo. The dirt road that takes you to East Cape crosses dozens of almost-deserted beaches. This makes it a great adventure for those who crave privacy and solitude.

In some places, East Cape can offer views of a coastline quite wild and secluded. Along the way to find some hidden beaches, you’ll be amazed by the natural surroundings. While you explore this untouched region, you’ll feel as you have this place all for your own. You can be here for a romantic date, on the white-sand beaches and the pristine waters anything goes when it comes to love. The one thing you should keep in mind while driving around these areas is to avoid deep-sand sections. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere could ruin your day, and finding someone to help, will definitely be very hard.

Rancho Buena Vista Hotel

East Cape started to attract travelers in 1952. That was the year when the Rancho Buena Vista Hotel opened its doors with the concept of a fishing resort. Being so secluded and such an untouched region, this Rancho became a regular vacation spot for Hollywood stars like Bing Crosby, John Wayne, and Chuck Connor. Even President Dwight Eisenhower frequented this piece of paradise! With that kind of fame, the word spread around quickly and this beautiful remote destination grew in popularity overnight.

In the present time, this historic hotel still stands! And still is a great place to stay for those who prefer a more laid-back experience as well. Although there’s an iconic bar in this hotel to enjoy cold drinks on the beach, there’s no restaurant on this location. Besides this little detail, the views are magnificent, and the location is full of tranquility. That can only mean, that Rancho Buena Vista Hotel is a great location for those searching to spend some time off-the-grid.

East Cape fishing

As we mentioned before, fishing was the original tourist attraction to East Cape. But, although this area started off as a fishing spot, the region remains popular among skilled anglers all-year-round. Examples of places where you can fish on East Cape are Punta Colorada or Playa del Sol. These incredible fishing spots are perched above the surf overlooking the Sea of ​​Cortez. Punta Colorada is also known as the “roosterfish capital of the world.”

East Cape diving

Diving is a spectacular activity to try along the East Cape. To be more specific, the perfect place to snorkel or dive is in Cabo Pulmo. This national marine sanctuary is the home of an amazing living coral reef. And, according to its protected status, Cabo Pulmo now boasts the highest concentration of marine life in the Sea of Cortez. Also, once called “The World’s Aquarium” by Jacque Cousteau due to its huge biodiversity, the Sea of Cortez itself is the most biologically-diverse body of water on Earth.

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