Experience your holidays in Cabo the proper way!

By the time you’re reading the post, you probably have your holidays in Cabo perfectly booked already. You also know what activities you’re going to do and the places you’re going to visit. But now, you have to think of the prepping process before your trip! This is one of the most important steps to take in order to have a great holiday without missing anything important for your Cabo adventure. Don’t forget anything! In this post, we’ll give you some advice on the things you have to make sure you pack for your trip. Learn about what you need on your holidays in Cabo!

Travel smart on your holidays in Cabo

We understand the stress that comes with packing before traveling somewhere. We all dislike in a way the time it takes to prepare everything before leaving town. And, the thing is that even as prepared as we can try to be, we’ll always still run the risk of forgetting something important behind. But don’t worry, in this post, we’ll help you say goodbye to those concerns. Here, we’re going to put a ‘check’ mark on the necessary elements for a pleasant trip to Cabo. You don’t even need to carry a lot of stuff, just don’t forget the essentials!

Proper clothing

First things first: proper clothing. One of the many good things in Cabo is its weather, thanks to the awesome weather all year round, it isn’t necessary to carry with heavy clothing. Due to the sunny weather almost all year in this region, the clothing style can be light and casual. Although, you also have to keep in mind bringing some light-colored attire. This type and coloring of the clothes will help you prevent dehydration. Weather in Los Cabos gets pretty humid, so you could be sweating a bit more than normal from where you’re visiting.

Furthermore, it’s important you don’t forget that even with the refreshing sea breeze, it’s suggested to avoid sweating too much. And, although you may feel that the weather is suitable for small clothes that don’t cover much, it’s better to protect yourself from the sun. In this city, the hat and sunglasses are a must. Last but not least: don’t forget to carry the appropriate swimwear! You’ll be by the beach for a long time, after all this is why you’re visiting Cabo, right? Make sure you sun-bathe and swim in the beautiful beaches of Cabo with the proper clothing.

Take the proper money currency

This is an important and usually also forgotten aspect to take into account, the proper currency. The thing is that in Cabo, being such a visited place from people all around the world, you’ll be able to use US dollars in some areas. But be careful, not in all places you’ll be able to do that, and sometimes the exchange rate is not as good as buying Mexican pesos in a bank or exchange house in Cabo.

Check your phone service

Make sure your telephone company has coverage in Mexico, sadly many of them won’t work properly or it’ll charge you for a lot of data. Because of this we recommend that you double-check what your company’s service includes. Your cellphone could be your primary tool to schedule activities you are going to do while in Cabo.

Medication in Los Cabos

It goes without saying that if you need daily medication, you should take it with you. However, if you suffer dizziness, diarrhea or any type of physical pain you should avoid it by carrying the proper meds. If you have a specific brand you prefer, you should bring it down with you. It’s easy to buy non-prescription meds in Mexico, and they’re also way cheaper than any other country, but you might feel more comfortable with your own medication from back home. You may also consider bringing some sun lotion for you to avoid burnt skin! It’s a pretty bad experience trying to have fun with sunburns all over your body, believe me!

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