Sea Lions in Cabo: Come meet these friendly creatures in the Sea of Cortez

There’s a great experience you can live in Cabo that almost no one knows about: Meeting the sea lions. Without a doubt, this is an awesome adventure for everyone to live, especially the little ones in your family. Get close to these friendly creatures and see them sunbathing on rocks over the sea. Feel the welcoming attitudes they take on the main place to find them: the Arch of Cabo in Land’s End. This is one of the great attractions that you just ought to certainly visit. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is an outstanding rock formation and it’s carved by time and salt standing between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. If you want to learn more about sea lions in Cabo, just keep reading this post!

Sea lions in Cabo

You’ll easily notice you’re getting close to the sea lions as you’ll begin to hear the peculiar howls that come before an incredible view. As you get close to the arch in a boat or kayak, Sea Lions will start to gather around to say hi. Be ready with some food, because they love to eat and be fed, and that’s another reason why they get close to you. Also, discover the charming temper of these wild animals and their colonies. Definitely, a fun and educational experience for the whole family. Imagine being in such calm waters and live an astonishing encounter to see a colony of Sea lions. Therefore, be prepared to be amazed and don’t forget your camera!

There are four different types of sea lions that you can find in the Cabo region. Sea lions are aquatic mammals that move around from cold to warm waters throughout the year. They love the sun and for this reason, they love the weather in Cabo. You’ll be able to see them playing around near the beach or on top of rock formations in the sea. The four kinds that you’ll find there in Cabo are California sea lion, sea elephant, seal, and thin-skinned sea lions. Don’t miss out on this experience, as friendly as sea lions are, you’ll be able to swim and say hi around them.

A bit more about sea lions

Sea lions generally inhabit and migrate in packs. This characteristic has become a peculiar attraction for all of those who are interested in getting close to these beautiful animals. In Cabo, you can get close to sea lions and enjoy the wonderful landscape at the same time. Also, sea lions mate and reproduce between May and August. So, if you want to get to see the newborns, now you know when to be in the region.

As funny looking as they are, they’re also very agile and fast. It’s most impressive to observe a full-grown male, 7 feet long and weighing more than 700 pounds hunting and swimming underwater! They usually hunt for squids, sardines or other fish. Therefore, you must not worry about being attacked as sea lions are very playful and mostly harmless.

Getting close to these beautiful mammals

This emblematic place is only accessible by boat, but when we arrive here we find another pleasant surprise that we will talk about a little more. Colonies of sea lions and seals live around this beautiful rock formation by the sea. When you visit these friendly mammals in the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, you’ll see how they’ve become accustomed to human visitors. Therefore, they’ve also become social animals and friendly enough to pose for photographs with tourists. They truly seem to enjoy their relationship with men, as long as you feed them.

Swim with sea lions in Cabo

There are many ways in Cabo to interact with sea lions: you can dive with them in Cabo San Lucas or you can see them closely on a snorkel excursion. You better be ready with a good camera, because you’ll want to have something to remember this experience. If ecotourism is your thing and you enjoy nature, don’t miss this opportunity. Meet and greet the sea lions in Cabo in an adventure of a lifetime.

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